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Data science technology is a strategic asset to deliver unique intelligence to the organisation.

Realedge is a data science company formed in 2011 that specialises in Machine Learning. We work with organisations to build Data Science products, that is, products that provide commercial decision value. We are a mix of experienced practitioners and leading academics brought together by a common belief that Machine Learning can provide real value to industries.

At the core of data science is the field of Machine, a field focused on the development of learning algorithms. These algorithms are designed to structure data and can be applied to various domain related problems. Combining the fields of mathematics, computing and other sciences Machine Learning provides a framework dedicated to building models of prediction. Methods from Machine Learning are developing to improve our understanding of a range of data sets : limited, large, diverse and fast changing.

While for a relatively young field much real progress has been made, experts acknowledge that there are still large challenges in ensuring Machine Learning meets the expectation of industry challenges. For that reason Realedge, principled in academic thinking, believe the correct approach to applying Machine Learning is based on incremental thoughtful steps. Thoroughly understanding the client and domain is key to providing effective commercial value through data science.

Data Science

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that enables us to crunch petabytes of data and make sense of a complicated world test.

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Actionable Intelligence

Actionable intelligence is information that can be acted upon, with the further implication that actions should be taken.

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Big Data

For an organisation Big Data represents a strategic asset that aggregates the collective knowledge its activities.

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Commercial Research

Commercial research first seeks to deliver real world solutions immediately applicable to the organisation.

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Product Development

Product development is the process of designing, creating and marketing new products or services to benefit customers.

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Data Science Technologies

As large data sets and fast computation become critical to effective data science products new technologies have emerged.

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